Delivering to Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and beyond!

Why Buy Through Omaha Modern?
It saves you time and expense when compared to traveling yourself.
Many of you have likely purchased furniture before and have dealt with waiting in line at the checkout as well as the time-consuming process at the warehouse. Well, IKEA's not much different in that sense. You could drive 4 hours, shop and wait in line, checkout and then load your vehicle with your purchases. After that, you would likely stay at least one night to rest up, which adds more to your cost (food, gas, lodging, more shopping, and time). We have made the trip several times for many, many customers. We do the shopping, standing in line and loading up at the warehouse for you.

Make it easy on yourself and let Omaha Modern do it for you!

We can assemble as well as deliver IKEA products to your home or business.
For an additional charge, Omaha Modern can provide assembly for IKEA products, and/or delivery as well. We provide this service throughout most of Nebraska, Iowa, and even parts of South Dakota.

Feel free to contact us regarding the fees for this service once you have selected the items you'd like to order.