Delivering to Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and beyond!

How Does Omaha Modern Work?

  1. Shop for your items on or through Ikea's catalogue. 
    1. Don't have a catalogue? They are available online or you can pick one up at any Gamers location. 
  2. Email us a list of all of the item numbers for the items you are interested in.  Item numbers are in the format of
  3. We will send you an invoice.  
    1. What we charge to pick-up your item from IKEA: This varies depending on the size of the item, time involved, and number of orders we have on this trip. When we send you the invoice, it will include the price of the item(s), the fee we charge, and applicable taxes (if any). 
    2. Don't worry!  The invoice we send is simply a quote.  If you accept, just go ahead and pay the invoice online or at a Gamers location.  If you don't like the invoice or pricing, please let us know.
    3. Don't let the name Omaha Modern fool you! We deliver to Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and just about anywhere else!!
  4. We will then pick-up your item(s).  We generally go to Ikea every week and often times can have your order to you as soon as Wednesday.  The sooner you place your order, the better! 
  5. We will deliver your items to the Gamers location of your choice. This allows you to pick-up your item(s) when it is convenient for you! Or, for an additional, reasonable fee, we can deliver the item(s) directly to your house! We will email you once your order is available to be picked-up or to set-up a delivery date and time. 

That's it! 

Enjoy your new items!

​Want Omaha Modern to pick-up something, in-state or even from another state, other than IKEA?

We can do that, too!

Email us at for details!