Delivering to Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and beyond!

About Omaha Modern

Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers. We take great pride in our company and our commitment to customer service.

We go out of our way to bring amazing IKEA products to the Omaha area. We've researched IKEA and have done our homework.

Omaha Modern can pick-up and deliver just about anything from anywhere to anywhere. Our specialty is IKEA product, but we can handle just about anything else!

Our background includes:

Experience working in one of America's largest home furnishing stores as a Merchandiser and Furniture Buyer.
Over 20 years combined Retail Sales and Customer Service experience.
Four years' Business Ownership/Operations
Huge Fans of IKEA!

If you've ever visited IKEA's website, you'll see a pretty large selection of items for your home, only to learn they will not sell most of the products to you over the web. And, if you do happen to find an item that they will ship, it's not uncommon to find the shipping charge to be double the cost or more of the actual item itself (for example, a desk that sells for $99 may cost $200 to ship to your home).

We know IKEA and believe you will receive a great experience by working with Omaha Modern

About IKEA

IKEA's goal: "Anybody can make a good-quality product for a high price, or a poor-quality product for a low price. But to make good products at low prices, you need to develop methods that are both cost-effective and innovative."

IKEA typically will not locate in a city with a surrounding population below 2 million people
There are IKEA stores in 38 countries, including the US - Omaha's nearest location is 7+ hours away round trip

IKEA has approximately 127,000 employees worldwide

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